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The Fit Stop

January 16, 2017

Let’s take fitness and wellness to a different level with The Fit Stop. I together with my fitness beshies Jackie, Chappy, Nikki, and Jeff is cooking up something exciting for fitness enthusiasts and fitness noobs too. In our channel you’ll get to know more about fitness and other related stuff that will further enhance your knowledge without feeling too scientific. Although we have the PRO (ehem Coach Chappy) with us, expect our conversations to be light and entertaining at the same time. Before anything else, let me introduce to you your hosts for The Fit Stop. (Nakaka-pageant no? haha)

Say hello to your Fitness Beshies Chappy Callanta, Jeff Lo, Nikki Torres, Jackie Go, and Me.


Let’s start off with the PRO, 360 Fitness Club‘s Fitness Director and 360 PRO‘s main man, Coach Chappy Callanta. He’ll stand as our Big Brother and fitness expert as well. With almost a decade in the fitness industry, he sure knows the loopholes of each and every workout or diet fads you’ve tried. Also, he’ll be debunking some fitness myths that we believed in for almost half of our lives.


Next, we have the man behind the successful Pinoy Fitness blog. Jeff Lo is not just a blogger but he’s also a professor, a businessman, and a triathlete. With Jeff’s wide experience with running and other multi-sport activities, I bet you can hand him the torch and let him explain stuff you probably don’t know.


S-L-A-Y, this girl simply embodies that word. Our very own Beyoncé, Nikki Torres will surely keep you entertained and fit as she takes her very own NT Sweat Sesh with The Fit Stop. Aside from being a yoga teacher, Nikki also created a fitness program combining body weight exercises and dance fitness to get more people live a healthy lifestyle. Who says you can’t sweat while feeling like a diva? Be a female version of a hustler while busting a move with Queen N!

Jackie Go

Looking for a fitspiration? Worry no more because Go! Jackie Go is here. A blogger, a model, a homemaker, and a mother of two. Who else can juggle these roles while maintaining a fit figure and some abs. I bet Moms and other women will be inspired on how she does it. Know more about all your “real-woman” concern as Ate Jackie tackles her journey on becoming a fit mom.


Lastly, we have…ME hahaha I’m not sure if you’re ready for this jelly. I’ll be joining this crazy fit bunch and I’ll be sharing more of my weight loss journey and on how I strive for progress everyday. It is not easy to be surrounded by incredibly fit people, but I’m glad that they’re here to guide me (and you!) as I face some fitness struggles along the way. I ain’t no pro but expect me to share tons of my personal experience. Also, allow me to be your voice for this channel. Let me know your fitness and wellness related questions so we can talk about it in our show.

Together, we are your Fit Stop crew and we’ll take you to your fitness destinations. Show us some love by hitting the thumbs up button on our first video and PLEASE subscribe to our channel to be updated on our latest videos.

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