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Regain Fitness at Crossfit MNL | MNLFIT NORTH

August 28, 2017

Early this year I decided to try a different program with my workout and I got exposed to weightlifting. At first, I was just focused on one lift and I wasn’t able to train for other big lifts and some complex lift. I was so focused on strength and power and with that I was able to hit a new PR from 135kg to 185kg. It was a 50kg jump from my previous record and with the results I got, I fell in love with it and decided to learn more lifts and focus on weightlifting.

MNLFitNorth1Last June, I joined Crossfit MNL – Commonwealth which is now MNLFit – North Commonwealth so I can train for weightlifting and powerlifting. They currently offer 3 types of programs that are suited for your fitness level.


  • WOD Gymnastics, kettlebell, running, weightlifting, and plyometrics all rolled into one class. The best thing you could do to look good naked.
  • BOOT CAMP Super Cardio workout minus the weights. Highly recommended for beginners or for regulars who want to focus on conditioning.
  • FOUNDATIONS The Foundations class is there to make sure that your form and technique are correct. You will be taught the basics and proper forms of movements like deadlifts, front squats, cleans, and presses.

I started out with Boot Camp classes to kickstart my CFMNL experience. It was so much fun and it’s really tiring. If you think that the Boot Camp classes are easy, you better think twice. This class also brings out the beast in you, from different bodyweight exercises, to kettlebells and more. The Boot Camp class is something that you shouldn’t under estimate. After a month of doing Boot Camp classes, they finally had a schedule for the Foundations class. The Foundations class is very importatnt if you really wanna try out Crossfit. In this class, they teach you step by step techniques on how you perfect your form as you lift, they also explained the different types of lifts you’ll perform for the WOD classes and how it should be done. It is really a pre-requisite course before you hit your WOD classes because without it, you might not do the lifts properly and just injure yourself.

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Now, let’s talk about the WOD classes. Okay let’s start with the things I like. First, I like that it’s very challenging and it will really push you to your limits. It’s something that I really enjoyed because as you all know I’m a very competitive person. I really like beating my previous records and making new ones as well. WOD or Workout Of The Day is the core of Crossfit MNL. In this class you’ll get exposed to different exercises from powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, and many more. With that, you’ll get to practice the skills that you learned from the foundations class, acquire new lifts, continuosly progress and hit a new PR. What do I hate about crossfit? NOTHING! Well I kind of hate myself when I miss some sessions and perform poorly during class.Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, it really pushes me to set new records and be the best version of myself.

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I know that I still have a long way to go in my Crossfit journey and there’s no one stopping me. TO be honest, I got really hooked with it and I just keep coming back for more. Recently I’ve be doing back to back classes and MNLFit North and I’m enjoying very bit of it. If you’re interested to try out MNLFit North – Commonwealth’s WOD and Boot Camp classes, you may call them at 0927 728 9814 or send them a message on their Facebook account.


MNLFit North – Commonwealth is located at ADL Building, Holy Spirit Drive cor. Faustino Street Quezon City, Philippines. Book your trial class today and #RegainFitness with CFMNL.

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Let’s Spread More Happy | ENERVON

August 18, 2017

As a certified millennial, I love to do so many things at the same time. I juggle so many hats to further enhance my skills, widen my network, and have fun. I’m the type of person who’s very adventurous and would want to try out tons of things. But balancing all of it requires more energy to keep you going. Good thing I’m equipped with my favorite multivitamin, Enervon!

Enervon1Recently, I joined the #14DaysWithEnervon challenge and tested out my energy and happiness level while I juggle work, workout, and good times. Having an active lifestyle really requires you to have additional energy to keep you going all throughout the day. In the duration of the #LetsSpreadMoreHappy challenge I was able to accomplish so many things, from lifting weights, managing my niece’s homework, meetings, and un moments with my family and friends. 

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I’m really happy that I have Enervon with me. The added energy it gave me made me more productive, more healthy, and more happy. I’m glad that I did this challenge, and now I want to spread more happiness to everyone.


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Join the #14DaysWithEnervon challenge and let’s all beat our personal records, be healthier, be more productive, and #LetsSpreadMoreHappy.

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Sunlife’s #GoWellSweatSquad || The Fit Stop

June 18, 2017

GoWellSweatSquad1Last Thursday, I got reunited with my fitness beshies for another round of sweat sesh with The Fit Stop’s very own Nikki Torres. It was a fit and fun filled night with Jeff, Ate Jackie, Nikki, and the Go Well team. With over 150 attendees, we all moved as one as we dance to the latest beats including hits from popstar Britney spears. See more of the event our latest video.


Thank you Sunlife and Go Well for having us!



March 26, 2017

Woke up one day and decided to be out of my active wear and went for something more street and edgy. It’s been a while since I last posted an OOTD on my blog and it’s something that I should do more often. I’ve been wanting to put up tons of content but I can’t find the right time to write about everything and just blog.DenimJacket4DenimJacket2Basically, I wore a black on black outfit and paired it with my trust CDG x Converse sneakers and my new found fave, this denim jacket from Penshoppe. Patches are such a trend and good thing it’s pretty accessible to a lot of style mavens out there.

DenimJacket1Shirt HANES | Pants FOREVER 21


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March 24, 2017

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you have heard tons of fitness myths and some of you might have followed it or believed in it. I personally have followed these myths before and I’m glad that I was able to debunk it with my Fit Stop crew. If you wanna know more about the myths we debunked, watch our fifth episode below.

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March 9, 2017

And we’re back with another video for you guys. On this episode of The Fit Stop,  we discussed about my weight loss journey and some tips on how you can lose weight. I know that a lot of my readers are battling weight loss as much as I do but please believe me when I say that it doesn’t happen overnight. To know more about shedding some pounds, please watch our video.

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