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August 1, 2017

During the summer season, I’ve leveled up my eating game and tried out the famous Ketogenic Diet. I did this to shock my body and let my body experience more changes aesthetically. It was very challenging at first but I managed to get through the tough parts which is the first two weeks. I thought I was done with fighting with my cravings but I also realized that I have planned out of the country trips this year. With that I decided to go on a #KetoBreak. I did this in order for me to enjoy mg vacation and fully experience the country that I’m visiting.

Formoline04As you all know, I recently came from a trip in Bangkok, Thailand. It was a fun filled trip with all the shopping and dining experiences. On this trip, I decided to go on a #KetoBreak and I ate whatever I want, whenever I want. It was such a glorious moment when I got some toast and jam during the breakfast buffet. I ate so much carbs and sweets during the entire trip. I had a feast and devoured all the foods that I can’t eat. To be honest I got a bit scared because I might gain weight quickly as my body is not under the state of ketosis anymore. And can you guess what happened when I weighed myself when I got back? I DIDN’T GAIN WEIGHT. I got really happy that I didn’t gain weight and I managed to stay on my current state. Wanna know some tips on how I did it?

  1. KEEP WALKING – It’s really fun and it saves you a lot of money. Instead of taking taxis or riding the tuktuk, walking will expose you to a lot of things. Street foods are pretty good in Thailand and for sure you’ll be able to see tons off carts as you walk in the streets. Another great benefit of walking? It burns calories🔥🔥🔥.
  1. SHARE YOUR FOOD – Aside from shopping, Bangkok is also known for the wide variety of street foods. With their generous servings, it’s quite impossible to have a taste of every food that catches your attention. It will be best to share your food with your travel buddy so you can really try more food and save some moolah as well.

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