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Step Up Your Fitness Game with Kilo Off

July 2, 2016

Kilo Off

Before I share with you my Kilo Off review, let me first introduce to you what Kilo Off is. Kilo Off is a line of all-natural weight loss drinks made in France that aids weight watchers to achieving their goal weight and staying trim the natural, fast, effective and safe way.

Kilo Off
Kilo Off promises the following:

▪️Safe weight loss ▪️Burning of fats ▪️Loss of excess water and toxins

▪️A flatter stomach▪️Curbed food cravings▪️Support in healthy weight management

This tasty option in slimming comes in 3 forms you can choose from.

Kilo Off
Kilo Off Powder Drink (SRP 995/Box of 10)

A flavored powdered juice meant to supplement your diet and workout, and provide a 4-in-1 action (Burn fat, curb cravings, increase metabolism, keep a flat stomach). Perfect for mobile individuals with a bottle of water ready at all times.

Best time taken: Before breakfast or exercise

Kilo Off
Kilo Off 24 Capsule (SRP 850/box)

Meant to slim you down and provide a 24-hour fat burning effect. Compared to the powdered drink, this capsule is more focused on burning fat. Opt for this capsule if you need to lose weight quicker.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules before meals. Up to 4 capsules maximum/day

Kilo Off
Kilo Off Liquid Drink (SRP 795/bottle)

This drink comes is 2 variants and each drink performs a specific set of tasks: PURPLE liquid is to burn fat and drain water in your body while the ORANGE variant contains fiber that aids in digestion.

Dosage: 1 taken before breakfast and either lunch or dinner.

Directions: Cap full to drink as is or mixed with water.


All Kilo Off drinks are recommended with a healthy amount of diet and exercise, so you’re ensured to achieve your fitness goals. Kilo Off is manufactured by Laboratories Vitarmonyl in France, a leading health supplements manufacturer, is BFAD- approved, and possess natural ingredients unseen in similar weight loss supplements to ensure a healthier route to weight loss. Kilo Off is exclusively available in selected Watsons branches nationwide.


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