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Quick Bite at Runner’s Kitchen

September 27, 2015


In this blog I want to share tons of healthy eats and different restaurants that offers food that will suit your healthy lifestyle. I actually promised myself that if I really want this blog to push through I should also live the healthiest lifestyle possible. I’ve always wanted to try Runner’s Kitchen and finally I was able to do it this week. Expect this post to be really short since I didn’t order so much and I was alone that day.  Untitled


Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese + Balsamic Reduction + Garlic Whole Wheat Bread  + Tomato Dip + Side Salad

One of the best grilled cheese sandwich that I’ve tasted. What I like most about this is the balsamic vinegar/sauce that complemented the garlic wheat bread.



Quinoa + Tuna + Nori + Coconut Cream + Ginger Soy Reduction + Sriracha + Cucumber + Mango

This is my personal favorite and I’m literally craving for it as I’m doing this blog post. It was also my first time to try something like this and can I just say that I can eat it over and over again.

Untitled MATIPUNO SMOOTHIE (Php 170)

Banana + Peanut Butter + Vanilla Almond Milk + Cacao Bits + Coco Sugar

Can I just say that it’s the best post-workout drink ever! It’s so refreshing and very healthy at the same time. What I like about it is that you won’t feel guilty about drinking it, plus it goes well with what I ordered. 

All in all the food was really guilt free yet so tasty and delish. I actually want to pay them another visit and try other stuff on their menu. Have you visited Runner’s Kitchen recently? Let me know what to get on my next visit. Comment your recommendations below.

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