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February 4, 2017

How’s your #BalikAlindogProgram going so far? Have you seen significant changes on your body? Do you have a new PR? If yes is your answer, well CONGRATULATIONS! You’re on your way to becoming a greater you.

360PRO_1This February, level up your fitness game and train with your best bud at 360 PRO. Aside from the group package they released late last year, they are now offering a personal training program for two. If you’re the type of person who prefers to workout with a trainer and a friend or a loved one, make sure to check out 360 PRO’s Facebook page to know more about their latest offering. To experience a 360PRO personal training program, call 0917-657-5202 for more details! Limited slots only!


Wanna see how we train at 360 PRO? Watch our training video here.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram or call 0917-657-5202.


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