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January 24, 2017

What’s your excuse in reaching your goal?

Like what I’ve said in most of my blog posts this month, we’ve been eyeing so much on that dream body but sometimes our formula just doesn’t work. For some, excuses are unlimited.

This year, stand up for your goals and KAPIT LANG BES! Find a good workout routine and stick to it. But wait there’s more, if you think that going crazy in the gym will keep you fit or ripped then stop reading this. We all know that most elite athletes really follow the 70:30 ratio, meaning 30% exercise and the huge chunk of it which is 70% should goes to your diet. Clean eating is key in achieving that dream Baywatch or Calvin Klein (or VS Angel) body. I’m personally guilty of a not so clean eating habit and now I’m making no excuse. With the help of Century Tuna, I’ll strive harder to eat clean without sacrificing the taste of my food.

This year, I promise to watch what I eat (including my macros) in order for me to get to my ideal body. But this post isn’t about me. It’s about the ultimate slasher Raymond Gutierrez.
Mond (Wow! Close haha) is now up for the “No Excuses: The Century Tuna Challenge” to achieve the best possible shape in 3 months time. Together with his fit squad Erwan Heusaff, Nadine Tengco, Coach Arnold Aninion, and Century Tuna, Raymond will undergo in a series of workout, health, and lifestyle coaching from his squad to achieve a healthier lifestyle and be in tip-top shape.

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