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Oh My Greek!

July 23, 2017

Last week my blogger friends and I went for a road trip to Pinto Art Museum for the launch of Pascual Greek Yogurt’s newest variants. It was a perfect place to conduct the launch because every corner of the place was picturesque. Pinto Art Museum is definitely a blogger’s haven. We got there a bit early that’s why we had the luxury of exploring the place and takes loads of OOTDs and IG fillers.

We were asked to wear something white or blue and I decided to go for both HAHAHA. I haven’t been taking OOTDs in a while and I guess that I should make way for a spot for this post on my blog.


Specs FOREVER 21 | Pinstriped Shirt SM MEN’S FASHION | Ripped Jeans KOREA | Loafers TODS

Thank you Angela for being so patient in taking my OOTDs.

OhMyGreek10OhMyGreek11I’ve been a fan of Pascual’s Greek Yogurt ever since and to be honest I hoard them. If you’re really looking for a healthy snack that’s just right on the budget with excellent taste, I recommend Pascual’s Greek Yogurt. During the event, they launched two new variants, Berry and Vanilla flavor. Both are really delicious and are very healthy. Aside from the fact that it’s rich in probiotics and other vitamins, it’s also very tasty and can be used as a substitute to your favorite dessert.



OhMyGreek8Pascual’s Greek Yogurt is widely available in Metro Manila. You can buy it from your favorite supermarket and convenience stores.

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June 30, 2017

In the Philippines, we’ve always been rice lovers and we see to it that we have it in almost every meal. Be it in a form of congee, fried rice, or even dessert. Now that we are more exposed in living a healthier lifestyle we tend to seek more options to meet our carb requirements to fuel our body and to keep us going.

One of my top of mind for rice replacement are US Potatoes. There are tons of reasons why we should love US potatoes especially for people who live an active lifestyle like me. US Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and potassium. Did you also know that it contains electrolytes that’s essential to athletes as well? Electrolytes are necessary for optimum body function, and having too few can cause cramps, as many athletes know.
Another reason why I love US Potatoes is because it’s also rich in fiber. A medium US potato with skin contributes 2g of fiber, which provides 8% of the daily requirement. Dietary have numerous health benefits, including improving blood lipid levels, regulating blood glucose, makes you feel full longer, and it aids in weight loss.
US Potatoes also are very versatile in terms of the dishes you can make with it. It takes creativity and a bit of research to get that perfect US Potato recipe. Some of you might opt for boiled, baked, and fried. But in the Philippines, we use it to supplement our favorite dishes with added nutrients. Overall, I really recommend having US Potatoes as carb replacement. Aside from it being very filling, it’s also packed with the needed vitamins our bodies need.

What’s you favorite US potato recipe? For recipes and more information on US Potatoes you may check out their Facebook page.

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March 20, 2017

Let’s take a look back at the past month and check out some of the stuff that I got and became my favorite. Don’t worry because this is going to be a short post about some items that made it to my favorites list for the month of February.


I’m really into denim and this denim from Penshoppe is my new fave. During the shopping event, I laid my eyes on this jacket already and I knew immediately that I’ll be taking it home with me. Don’t you just love the patches attached to it? It just gives it more spunk and a lot of character.


This 2017, I promised myself that I’ll be more conscious with what I eat and always opt for the healthier alternative. I’ve tried this yogurt already when I attended their store opening at SM North EDSA and I loved it the moment I had my first scoop. I’m a big fan of yogurt and this is something new to me, what I like about BLK 513 is their generous amount of toppings per cup. You’ll really feel that it’s worth your money and the quality is simply top-notch.


Just a disclaimer, I wouldn’t go all the way technical with this. I’ll just be sharing my thoughts about these products and why they made it to my favorites list. First, we have the Muscletech’s 100% Platinum Whey. It’s my first time to try this and what I love about it is the taste and the consistency. This whey protein is very easy to mix and does not foam at all. It also aids for faster muscle recovery and backed up with a good amount of protein per serving.

Second item on my list is Nutrabio’s BCAA in watermelon flavor. Recently I discovered how branch chain amino acids help is building the muscle and also with our strength. What I like about this product is the tangy taste from the watermelon flavoring and the effects I’m experiencing with it whenever I have it as my intra-workout drink. Of course, all of these supplements are available at Muscle Shack PH. You may check out their facebook page to know more about their promos and exciting offers.

What do you think about my Feb Faves? Do you like them too? For real time updates about LiftStyle PH. Please follow me on my social media accounts.

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February 1, 2017

JANUARY 2017 Favorites

Our first chapter this year just ended, but before we completely forget about the past month, let me share to you some of my most loved items and happenings from different categories. Of course, a variety in my blog posts wouldn’t hurt right? Shall we start?

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January 20, 2017

A new video is finally up on my channel. I’ve done this video last year and I forgot that I had it. I filmed this video around November last year when I was on a roll in making videos for my Youtube channel. I personally want to update both blog and vlog simultaneously but I’m still in a continuous battle with my laziness haha. If you are into healthy snack like me, please do watch this video. Also, don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as well.

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