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Nike’s Zonal Strength Tights

January 31, 2017

Nike_ZST_11When I was just a newbie in fitness, I always ask myself “Why are they wearing tights?”. Before I would buy them just for the sake of looking like a pro or something. It was kind of expensive and I really don’t know its purpose. I just wanted to live by the saying “if you can’t perform japorm“.

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BEST OF 2016

January 6, 2017

Holla beshies! I know that we’ve already waved goodbye to 2016 and now it’s time to embrace and welcome a brand new year. Like in my previous post, let me do a quick round up of how my life went for the past year. Join me as I look back and cherish the precious memories I made last 2016.

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January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Before I proceed with my blog post, I believe that I should apologize for being such a lazy blogger. I created this new blog one year ago and there are only few articles published on this blog. This 2017, I promise to be a better blogger and stay committed to this blog just so I can keep track of my fitness and style journey.

For this blog post, let me share to you all the videos I created for my vlog (insert link) for 2016. I’ve been binge-watching vlogs on youtube recently and it became one of the reasons on why I started working on my channel. Before you get bored with this blog post let’s proceed with all the videos I made for my youtube channel LiftStyle PH.

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My First 10k Run: Run United 2 2016

June 6, 2016

Run United 2

A lot of my friends know that I’m not really a running person. I do cardio vascular activities such as dancing, circuit training, and etc. but running isn’t on my list of activities that I enjoy. Last Sunday, I challenged myself and ran 10k for Run United 2. To be honest this is my second running event that I attended and I must say that it was really hard. Running needs proper discipline and training in order for you to finish strong and exceed yourself. Here are my key learnings from my 10K run last Sunday.

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A Lifestyle of Sharing with Boardwalk

December 24, 2015


Boardwalk SHARE

As it enters its 25th year in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Boardwalk created Share, a fashion and lifestyle sub-brand with a social development platform. Riding on Boardwalk’s highly successful distributive enterprise philosophy that has created a generation of entrepreneurs, the new Share brand helps men and women from economically-challenged communities to gain a stable source of income. Read More ❯