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January 9, 2017

I’m finally making it happen! Here’s another post for you and this time it’s gonna be an #OOTD blog. I actually miss this type of category on my blog because when I was still doing a full on fashion blog, this type of post mostly dominated my blog. To make this post more interesting, I’ll be sharing with you some shopping secrets or maybe tips when it comes to buying your workout gear.

Shoes, Bag, Cap, Shirt, Shorts, Gloves, and Compression Shorts from Under Armour | Elastic Shoe Lace from PULSE PH| Shot at 360PRO

Shopping Tip: LOOK FOR AN OUTLET STORE! Gym clothes aren’t as trendy compared to the regular type of clothing you usually see from your favorite retail stores. Going to an outlet store will make you happier because you get to buy stuff at a discounted rate. Don’t worry about wearing pieces from the previous collections, activewear don’t really go out of style.

Photos by Jackie Go

Fyi, almost everything from this look came from the outlet store except for the cap and shoe lace. Would you want me to do a list of outlet stores of your favorite activewear/sportswear?

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