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5 Tips To Kickstart Your 2016 Fitness Goals

January 10, 2016

UntitledI bet you’ve seen a lot of New Year’s resolutions consisting of the following hashtags #BalikAlindogProgram, #KatawangPangromansa, #NewYearNewMe, #TwentySixThin and a whole lot more. But are you ready to stick to them whole year long? Here are some tips to kickstart your 2016 fitness plans: 5 Tips to Kickstart your 2016 Fitness Goals1. WORK YOUR ASS OFF!

If you really want to achieve that beach bod just in time for summer or flaunt your sexy body all year round. You must work hard for it! You’ll not be able to achieve your fitness goals if you just sit down and read exercise and diet tips. So start your year right and find the perfect workout routine that will suit your lifestyle.

5 Tips to Kickstart your 2016 Fitness Goals2. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT

They say that abs are made in the kitchen and not at the gym. Even if you’re working out really hard for that washboard abs, clean eating is still a must. Proper nutrition should come along with your fitness journey in order for you to reach your goals. There are several meal planning services in the metro that you can choose from that offers calorie based diet plans. If you opt for a cheaper alternative, why not prepare your own meals? With this you’ll have the freedom to eat what you like. Just make sure to control the portions and keep it balanced.


There is no turning back, if you think it’s hard you better think again. Nowadays, nothing comes easy and all you have to do is focus on what you want the most and stay away from temptations. Once you’ve started it, make sure to finish it and always remember why you started this whole fitness thing.

5 Tips to Kickstart your 2016 Fitness Goals5 Tips to Kickstart your 2016 Fitness Goals4. GET A GYM BUDDY OR A PERSONAL TRAINER

In times like this it is best to have someone with you in order for you to accomplish your entire workout and get that dream body you’ve always wanted. Having a gym buddy who has the same goals will be a big help. But if you want more push, you can always go for a personal trainer for hassle free training and an additional push for yourself since you’ll be charged extra for this. Personally I prefer having a trainer or a coach because I won’t have to think of what to do whenever I enter the gym. He/she will make a program tailor-fit for you and he can also adjust it depending on your fitness level. You can also tell your trainer what your goals are and how long would you want to achieve it.

5 Tips to Kickstart your 2016 Fitness Goals5. EMBRACE THE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFESTYLE

Having a healthy lifestyle requires so much discipline and focus. It will affect a lot of aspects in your life because part of your day-to-day routine will consist of additional hours thinking what to eat, counting the calories, taking supplements and a whole lot more. Shifting to a healthier lifestyle will require more time for yourself and some rest. So if you’re used to partying all night long, drinking and binging on junk food and sweets, bid adieu to them because it will take a long time before you do it again.

Keep these tips in mind and I’m sure you’ll have fitter and healthier year ahead of you. Share your fitness journey with me and use the hashtag #LiftStylePH.

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