January 13, 2017

2017 is here and I believe a lot of you have started the year right by going to the gym and eating clean. In 3 months, most of your hard work will pay off and you’ll all be ready to flaunt your beach body at your favorite resorts. But aside from diet and exercise, what would help you achieve your fitness goals? If you want to know more, please hit the read more button.

Want to be at tip-top shape in 30 days? We’ll this isn’t like your home tv shopping page that promises you’re a shredded body in 4 weeks. This is Muscle Shack’s Thermosterone Challenge. Few months ago, they launch this fitness challenge to test if Thermosterone really works. A lot of people hopped in and went all out for the challenge of getting their dream body within 30 days. Of course I didn’t just depend on the Thermosterone alone, it also came with all the crazy workout, clean eating and pure discipline.

Here are the winners of the 30 Day Thermosterone Challenge.

 Fourth Place – Elmark Tabanyag

 Third Place – Leo Leuterio

I never really believed in over training I think people just think people make too much excuses. During the challenge I train at least 6 hours a day in the weights gym that already has my cardio with it. Luckily with Thermosterone, it really helped me keep up my endurance and stamina in the gym so I can endure fatigue.

 Second Place – Champ Te

As a person addicted to fitness/training I try my best to keep myself in tip top shape everyday. In order to stay fit I avoid eating junk food like sweets and chips…I was disciplined in my workout and diet for a month. I started to see changes in my body after 2 weeks of using Thermosterone. It helped me stay focused in my workouts and was also a huge factor in muscle recovery.

 Winner – Lucien Tiojanco

I wanted to prove to myself that at 31 years old, I can still get back in shape under a month, like when I joined Great Bodies back in 2009…Thermosterone helped me ensure my daily work-outs are fuller and more focused from start to finish, each and every time.

At the right dose, the supplement even help me get through my busy work-schedule despite working out 5x a week.

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If you got inspired by their success, make sure to check out Muscle Shack PH and get your Thermosterone and other workout supplements today.

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