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January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Before I proceed with my blog post, I believe that I should apologize for being such a lazy blogger. I created this new blog one year ago and there are only few articles published on this blog. This 2017, I promise to be a better blogger and stay committed to this blog just so I can keep track of my fitness and style journey.

For this blog post, let me share to you all the videos I created for my vlog (insert link) for 2016. I’ve been binge-watching vlogs on youtube recently and it became one of the reasons on why I started working on my channel. Before you get bored with this blog post let’s proceed with all the videos I made for my youtube channel LiftStyle PH.

I hope you enjoyed all the videos I made. I know I’m not a pro but I promise to keep on making videos even if you guys don’t watch it haha. I’ll try my best to update my blog and my channel as often as possible so please pray for me. Let me know your thoughts about my channel so I can improve on it okay? Thanks!

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